Claybourne McGregor Consulting (CMG) Privacy Policy

Claybourne McGregor Consulting Ltd Chatbot Privacy Policy

1.    Claybourne McGregor Consulting Ltd and Importance of Privacy

1.1.    The proprietor of this chatbot at (the “Website”), Claybourne McGregor Consulting Ltd, an English registered company (co. no. 04398177) of KD Tower, Cotterells,  Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, HP1 1FW, UK (“CMG”) takes privacy and data protection very seriously.

1.2.    CMG respects the privacy of users accessing this Website and clients using CMG’s services (“you,” “your”) and CMG is committed to protecting your privacy. CMG will ensure that any personal data received from you will be processed in accordance the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Privacy Policy set out below.

1.3.    In any event you are able to access a chatbot developed by CMG’s, without identifying yourself personally and interacting with a CMG chatbot does not require you to reveal any personal data.

2.    Data Collection by CMG

2.1.    CMG chatbots allow you to access information relating to the products and services of the chatbot and to interact. CMG host their chatbots with Google and are not responsible for third party compliance.

3.    Purpose Specification

3.1.    CMG will at all times keep personal data, which may be collected from you in accordance with the above data collection provisions, private, confidential and secure and will not disclose your personal data to any third party, person, other organisation, institution or authority unless legally required to do so, in which case CMG will inform you of its legal obligation in this regard in advance.

3.2.    CMG may use your personal data to communicate with and contact you pursuant to your requests for information and applications to attend events via the Website as well as in relation to the provision of any services which you may choose to engage CMG to provide under contract.

3.3.    CMG may also use your personal data to better analyse and understand who uses this Chatbot, the phrases used and the services they engage CMG to provide so as to be able to improve the chatbot, services and products provided by CMG.

3.4.    CMG may also occasionally use your personal data to contact you to request completion of chatbot user or client care surveys from you or for carrying out market research surveys and/or inform you of new services provided by CMG, subject that you will always be given the opportunity to opt-out of any such communications from CMG.

3.5.    You agree that if CMG transfers ownership or management of the chatbot or business or company Claybourne McGregor Consulting Ltd to a third party, CMG may also transfer your personal data and any other information about you to such third party as part of the transfer of ownership, subject to such third party agreeing to abide by this Privacy Policy.

3.6.    CMG will not collect additional personal data about you or sources other than you, such as public records or bodies or private organisations, unless CMG specifically notifies you in advance.

3.7.    You agree to the use of your personal data by CMG in the above ways. If CMG wishes to use your personal data for a new or different purpose, CMG will seek your permission in advance. CMG takes seriously the trust you place in it.

4.    Protection of Personal Data and Storage

4.1.    CMG recognises and acknowledges the crucial importance to you of keeping secure and private any and all personal data which CMG may collect from you during the course of your access to and use of this chatbot and/or during your engagement and use of CMG’s services under contract (if any). CMG is committed to preventing any unauthorised access to your personal data by any third party or person.

4.2.    Accordingly, CMG has secure computer systems in place and adequate security software and procedures (including password protection for access to its computer systems) as are suitable and necessary to ensure that any personal data provided by you to CMG will be kept securely stored and will not be publicly accessible.
4.3.    CMG draws your attention to the fact that any information carried over the Internet is not 100% secure. Information and data can be intercepted, lost, redirected, corrupted, changed and accessed by other people, and so CMG recommends that you also take steps to ensure that you check such details as e-mail addresses very carefully before sending communications to CMG.

5.    Subject Access Requests under the Data Protection Act

5.1.    Under the Data Protection Act 1998, CMG is obliged on receipt of a written request from you (“subject access request”), to provide you with a copy of your personal data which CMG may be in possession of within 40 days of your request.

5.2.    The Data Protection Act 1998 permits CMG to charge a fee of £10 for providing responses to subject access requests and CMG may charge this to respond to you. CMG will also require full proof of your identity (passport, driver’s licence or current bills etc.) in order to reply to a subject access request. CMG also reserves the right to refuse to provide copies of your personal data held by CMG in response to a subject access request, but will give full reasons for any such refusal and allow you to appeal.

5.3.    CMG wishes to ensure that they hold accurate personal data about you and do not continue to hold it if you no longer want us to. Therefore, you have the right at any time to have any such data which CMG is holding to be amended, completed or deleted.

5.4.    Please contact us to update any of your personal data or to request access to your personal data via:




Kd Tower, Cotterells, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom, HP1 1FW

6.    Links

6.1.    The chatbot may contain certain links to websites of third parties (“Links”). These Links are not part of the chatbot and CMG are not liable for them.

6.2.    In the event that you click on a Link you will leave the chatbot. CMG does not control the third party websites accessible via Links or the types of personal data which such third party websites accessible via Links may collect from you. Accordingly, CMG is not responsible or liable for the privacy practices of third party websites accessible via Links.

6.3.    It is possible that third party websites accessible via Links may issue cookies to users, collect personal data without transparency, solicit personal data, release personal data to third parties or otherwise not comply with the Data Protection Act 1998 and so CMG recommends that you proceed with caution with regard to providing any personal data via third party websites accessible via Links which is at your own risk.

7.    Automatic Capture of Data

7.1.    CMG does not employ any automatic data capture software of processes on this chatbot and so when you access the chatbot only your IP address is logged and no other data identifying you is captured by CMG. Your logged IP address is not retained after you have left the chatbot.

8.    Amendment of this Privacy Policy

8.1.    CMG reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time without notice. Any such modification will be effective and binding immediately on posting on this Website. Amendments to this Privacy Policy will not be valid unless they are made in writing in this way by CMG.

9.    Feedback

9.1.    If you have any feedback or questions about CMG’s use of your personal data or about this Privacy Policy, please send CMG an e-mail to feedback[at]   

9.2.    If you send us personal data via e-mail, CMG will use it to respond to your request. If you e-mail us we will keep a record of your e-mail address.

10.    Governing Law

10.1.    This Privacy Policy and CMG’s privacy and data protection obligations will be governed by English law and the parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

11. Third party data

11.1    The application may use third-party data to enrich the experience, this may include sound files, e.g. This data is owned by the third party and is not to be captured by the user without compliance to the third party's agreements (refer to third party's website for further information).

11.2 Please note the third party chatbot supporting tools may also include spell checkers or AI to interpret input and output statements, these are controlled by the third party company and may result in the respelling of names and other significant data.