• Pronunciation is definitely the biggest thing that people notice about you when you are speaking English
  • accenteasy utilise deep learning to build machine learning models that can detect accents
  • The tool is hosted on Amazon AWS using Hadoop to allow it to scale only when needed
  • Built to serve over 20 million students in Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore with scientifically designed lessons.
  • It also provides a teacher console to link student's mobiles into communities 
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  • Financial Technology used to calculate future earnings on current untapped funds.
  • A set of 4 financial modelers to enable the client's of Close brothers merchant bank to identify funds for potential investment 
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Pensions and benefits links online

  • Pablo provides a number of tools to assist with automating processes securely in the pension department
  • Is diary system that enables clear reporting on CaseWork from the Administrator system thus making it possible for users to work more efficiently as individuals and as part of a team (the Administrator system was not able to assist users with CaseWork prioritization with visual cues and interactivity before Pablo)
  • The system provides a simple interface that enables file sharing with third party vendors and internally within the pensions department
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DC pensions modeller

  • Pensions in your pocket®, a pension modelling app on your phone
  • Will you have enough to retire on? Will your pension income be a fraction of what you earn today?
  • The C-MG DC pensions modeller helps you predict what your pension will be
  • Enter your data and shake it to refresh the fields using the accelerometer
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PDF newsletter

  • Access the latest news anytime, anywhere
  • Features include:
    • ALERTS that notify you about updates and downloads
    • ZOOM +- with a double tap
    • SEARCH with instant text highlighting and a navigator to show you where to look
    • BOOKMARK by selecting either a whole newsletter or a page
    • SHARE the newsletter through any of the social tools on your phone
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Future Monitor™

  • C-MG created Future Monitor™, an application that monitors the health of systems and provides early warnings on any that are at risk
  • Know if your system is in trouble before your customer does
  • The application is provided as a service and uses telemetry to monitor the health of your remote systems and feeds back into a simple to read dashboard
  • Is used by BP and BT
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BP regional training & mapping tool

  • The mapping tool (RTMT) was developed to automate the process designed by Accenture and operated by Harvey Nash for BP
  • The process manages training requirements for 5,000 contractors and workers employed by BP's upstream division
  • RTMT provides extensive reports to bridge the process step between role fulfilment and training requirements 
  • The tool identifies any duplication in training requests
  • The application provides standardisation and acceptance of the new process across the client's global sites
  • RTMT fully integrates into the client's security models
  • Central synchronisation has led to improved global collaboration and significant reduction in manual maintenance of individual spreadsheets
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  • A mash up between Geo-location and Facebook
  • Find out which of your online connections are nearby so you can hook up
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  • An open social tool enabling users to send posts directly into a Jive/Link group (using the Jive discussion forum)
  • Simply select the app from the drop down on "Share via" found on most social tools, then choose your social group and post a message to your community
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Oil analysis

  • Our remit was to reduce the time it took to analyse crude oil samples from 3 days to 3 hours, saving US$50 million a year
  • We designed an application that enabled a PDA to analyse crude oil samples at any remote location
  • We rewrote the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system to enable our client's oil engineers to work without the need to configure the device for different Wi-Fi networks
  • The application selects the engineer's own language by auto detecting the user and their location
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