Future Monitor™

A telemetric tool used by BP and BT that warns about systems that are at risk

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C-MG created Future Monitor™, an application that monitors the health of systems and provides early warnings about any that are at risk. Such knowledge is vital to the prevention of outages and smooth operation of systems. 

The application is provided as a service and uses telemetry to monitor the health of remote systems and feeds back into a simple to read dashboard. For instance, if the server was struggling to run a large report Future Monitor™ would send alerts to the relevant registered users. The alerts would include details of the issue and suggest ways to prevent the system from failing to avoid a system or application outage.

Future Monitor™ works by constantly monitoring reports generated on separate servers, brings them all into one central server then checks for any changes by comparing each set of reports against the next. This means users do not only receive reports based on system thresholds but also based on comparisons and tracking issues between each historical report. Future Monitor™ works the way a system engineer would, e.g. a system running at 90% of virtual memory is not necessarily a problem as long as this % reduces relatively quickly. However, if the systems continues to run at 90% for 30 minutes then there may be an issue with available memory. That is when Future Monitor™ alerts the relevant registered users to investigate. 

Version 4.5 and above can now also be used on mobile phones.

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