Back office tools for pension departments 

A suite of tools to assist with reporting, internal communications and secure file sharing  

Smooth back office processes 

BP Pensions & Benefits needed a new content management system for internal communication purposes. The goal was to create a system to centralise communication which was also expandable and scale-able to allow various modules, such as a module to replace the existing system dropbox, to be easily added.

Pablo provides a number of tools to assist with automating processes securely in the pension department. These tools are aimed at the payroll, communication and administration teams and are provided in one single easy to access portal. The tools include:

  • Secure file share - similar to drop boxes, allowing a temporary secure folder to be set up and the content shared between a number of internal and invited external users
  • Case work notice board - a visual red amber green (RAG) report view of case works which also allows drilling down by team hierarchy
  • Reporting tools - a scheduler to build secure reports that require running out of hours and secure mechanism to share sensitive data by user security level
  • Team news - a simple notice board to manage news and alerts
  • Desktop - a simple interactive workplace to manage gadgets