Self-service pensions

  • We have a decade of experience in assisting companies tackle pension and finance system challenges
  • Amongst the companies we've worked with are BP, BT, Barclays, HSBC, Arup, Babcock and Towers Watson
  • Our solutions include a number of financial tools and modellers to help empower end user's decisions
  • Our systems are used by administrators to verify financial calculations
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Big Data / Smart Data & machine learning

  • A growing area of expertise enabling statisticians to analyse ever growing data sets
  • We believe the skill is in the interpretation of data to find meaningful and accurate insights
  • We have a number of algorithmists who assist our clients with proving their approaches
  • Our software engineers are able to align multiple sources of information to provide large data sets required
  • We help make it easy to understand what can be done with your data
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Android and iPhone

  • We have 10 years of experience in mobile development 
  • Our product range includes financial devices, analytical tools and games
  • Our automated testing framework tests applications on over 40 devices
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Human behaviour impact analysis

  • We asses why incidents occur even in companies that employ good people and use good processes
  • Provide a number of world wide assessments of human behaviour characteristics for our clients
  • Assist clients identify risks in their processes that may lead to accidents

Library and information services

  • We transfer our client's libraries on-line to reach a global audience
  • Help librarians transition into researchers
  • We define the ontology for multiple search engines to order their results
  • We "put the library in the customer's pocket" via use of mobile applications
  • Add internal value to publications through collaboration tools that allow sharing of internal comments and reviews
  • Simplify copyright restrictions and raise confidence through single sign on (SSO)

Patent and copyright process

  • We help our clients make the patent process simple to understand
  • We automate processes to reduce potential information leaks
  • Assist innovators build communities they are confident enough to share ideas with
  • Simplify the patent landscape through acquisition of correct patent landscaping tools
  • Help businesses review patent searches to find where their expertise resides
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Internal branding

  • Intrapreneurs like Steve Jobs are just as important as entrepreneurs in terms of providing fresh ideas to disrupt markets
  • Internal brands help teams inside large organisations structure themselves into a cohesive community
  • Branding allows re-purposing of third party products into an easily identifiable collection of unified tools
  • Internal brands need to adhere to stronger design guidelines than standard corporate brands, to extend existing values and focus identity
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