Delivering cost effective pensions through self-service tools

Our team can rebuild the entire system, servers and run a full regression test within 2 hours

Awards won

Two awards presented by David Blunkett for W3C accessibility compliance, sponsored by Professional Pensions

Third award won for Best DB Scheme

Efficient pensions through self-service portals

Aquliaheywood’s (Aquila) Chris Connelly, a senior consultant, asked in their summer publication of Flying High "is the growth of pensions on the Internet too slow?"

Mr Connelly went on to say "we're already seeing a reduction in workload as we are able to refer members to our website for documentation and benefit projects"

The potential cost savings available through an internet self-service solution is significant.

It is true a number of Aquliaheywood’s customers are using web based solutions. One company is BP, who have won several industry recognised awards for their website.

BP started with Aqulia's web enabler framework but then switched to C-MG's multi-threaded messaging bus. This move enabled BP to run multiple calculations simultaneously, a solution that helped them win awards with a faster self-service pension website. PensionLine's enhanced and new capabilities include:

  1. Internal auditing
  2. Reporting tools with scheduled reports
  3. Modellers
  4. Communication tools
  5. Integrated security and single sign on (SSO)
  6. Adherence to Sarbanes Oxley